What is V2Chat?

V2Chat is Web RTC ready web communications service for voice, video and text chat for online collaboration, sales and customer care.

V2Chat is powered by media engine written at our R&D center, RCSLabs Ltd.

Key features:

  • Free calls for your customers;
  • 100% Flash-based browser compatibility;
  • Web RTC ready for voice/video calls;
  • Guaranteed connectivity with SIP infrastructure;
  • Your website visitors need no additional software to call you;
  • Call forwarding to your PCs and phones;
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Look&feel customization;
  • Advanced Text Chat functionality:
    • - Proactive, behavior-based invitations to chat;
    • - Chat history, black lists;
    • - Chat sessions routing;
    • - Website visitor context (source, search keywords, geolocation, page, time on site).

V2Chat is a professional VoIP service perfect for both SMEs and Corporate Customers. V2Chat possesses a reliable and scalable architecture and features user-friendly interface. This click-to-call service enables your clients and potential customers to make both voice and video calls by clicking a web button embedded on your website: you can place the click-to-call buttons anywhere you need it, and forward calls to your landline and cell phones, or to you SIP-enabled telecom infrastructure.

V2Chat is compatible with all the popular web browsers and does not require visitors of your website to install any additional software. Moreover, the product allows broad customization and adaptation to your particular needs.

If optimizing business interaction with your clients and potential customers is your priority, if you want to ensure prompt feedback, improve customer care performance, and innovate your business - V2Chat is your choice. We provide several V2Chat pricing plans to help you start using it ASAP, and scale it when needed.