Corporate Profile

Luxms Inc. is an American technology company, est. in 2005 in Delaware, U.S. Its Development Centre, RCSLabs Ltd., is located in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Luxms Inc. is an independent software vendor and solutions provider. The corporate scope of Luxms Inc. embraces business intelligence, enterprise mobility, web communications, IT infrastructure. Our key industries are telecom and finances.

Business Intelligence: we offer Luxms BI fast, interactive business intelligence for decision making. 100% native iPad client with stunning visualization. Lightweight BI server node.

Finances: custom software solutions for processing centers, mobile commerce and e-commerce, custom apps and end-to-end solutions for mobile banking.

In Telecommunications key Luxms offerings are:

  • V2Chat - WebRTC ready web communications service for voice, video and text chat for online collaboration, sales and customer care. V2Chat is powered by media engine written at our R&D center, RCSLabs Ltd.
  • Luxms WebCom - white label WebRTC/Flash-to-SIP web communicator/softphone. Carrier-grade, featuring voice and video calls, IM, presence and contacts management.
  • Luxms Messaging Cannon - Application-to-Person Solution for large-scale marketing campaigns and distribution of messages among wide audiences of subscribers. The solution is field-proven with over 100 million messages delivered.

As for IT-infrastructure we offer high availability solutions, information systems integration, and centralization of IT-infrastructure management. We offer you the whole range of services for implementing individual complex solutions: from consulting to launching in production.

Innovate with Luxms for your success!

Contact Info

phone: +1 (408) 554-28-89
fax: +1 (302) 807-97-93

World Trade Center Delaware
802 West Street. Ste 105
Wilmington, DE 19801

V2Chat Sales Office in Israel:
+ 972 54 22 00 996